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Some people have an unfair advantage in life, that allows them to make their dreams come true. However you get in though, once you have also this become unstoppable. NLP in YOUR key.

Location: Internet

Dates: You may start anytime.

Pace: Three weeks is the shortest allowable completion time. One year is the longest allowable completion time.

Cost: €899 €549! (includes 100 page manual and 10 instructional video downloads)

Text Books (E-Book format): As part of the course (included in the total price of this course), you will receive a 100 page e-book, NLP-Master Pactitioner, NLP Trainer

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This course IS for everyone. Even if you are a layman with no NLP background, or don't want to be a professional NLP Practitioner, you should still take this course. You will learn NLP to break negative cycles and have unlimited confidence. You will also learn how to use NLP to help your friends and family!

And, if you are a professional, this course will take you to the next level! We shares his powerful marketing strategies and teaches you how to make money as a full-time NLP Practitioner!

Upon completion of your training, you will be certified by the American Alliance of NLP to practice NLP.

NLP Practitioner Training FAQ

Q: Is your certification accepted everywhere in the World?
A: Yes. To the best of our knowledge, at this time, our certification is accepted everywhere.

Q: Will I need any other training in order to practice NLP besides your course?
A: No. Our course is all you will need.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement to be enrolled in your course?
A: 18.

Q: Do I need an advanced degree to practice NLP, such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree?
A: No. In most states in the United States and in most countries, our program is all you need.

Q: I am a layman with no NLP background. Will this program actually take me from the ground floor up and teach me everything I need?
A: Yes. This program is extremely thorough and it will teach you everything you need to know to be a certified NLP Practitioner and help you run your own practice.

Q: What about licensing requirements for NLP practitioners. Are there any?
A: At this time, to the best of our knowledge, there are no licensing requirements for NLP practitioners anywhere in the World. However, if you start a business, you will generally need a business license.

Q: What do I get Certified as?
A: NLP Practitioner. Here a sample, how your certificate will look like:

Q: What Do I get When I Buy the NLP Course?
A: You get instant access to 10  hours of videos that you can watch online or download to your computer. You also get instant access to our 100 page NLP e-book.

Q: How long does the course take to finish?
A: It takes about 2-3 weeks if you move quickly by reading the training manual and watching the videos daily.

Q: How Do I take the Test?
A: The test is included in the course materials and you simply complete the test after all other modules to get your certification.

Q: What do I need to do to get my Certification?
A: You must pass the test that is included at the end of the certification course with a score of 75% or better. If you fail you have a max of 3 times to pass. If you don’t pass all three times, you will be charged a €25 fee for another 3 chances and so on.

Q: How Long Does it take to get my Certifications?
A: We will send your certification as soon as possible once we have reviewed your test materials and given a passing score.

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What is NLP, and how does it benefit you? This home based course, is designed to be a resource for you for the rest of your life, to teach you what NLP is and how to effectively use it.

You will learn valuable tools for using NLP as well as unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed course. With the online training program you can study at your own pace and you are not tied to a specific training schedule. If NLP enables rapid change, why not learn rapidly? Have fun, expand your awareness, and experience deep change.

In NLP you develop basic skills to enhance your journey to success. Through this course you will learn to:

  • Be your best in tough situations, all the time.
  • Turn problems and obstacles into springboards for super success.
  • Speed up your learning in any field.
  • Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel and act.
  • Successfully get your message across, every time.
  • Detect patterns in human behavior.
  • See and hear more efficiently as you improve your sensory acuity.
  • Learn to model yourself based on characteristics common among high achievers.
  • Recognize how other people respond to you.
  • Defuse tense situations.
  • Understand where your competition is coming from.
  • Use objections to improve your communications.

Throughout this training program, you will gain invaluable tools to help in all aspects of life:

  • Remove the emotional charge from unpleasant memories.
  • Eliminate and remove difficulties in your work and personal life by recognizing and altering the patterns that create them.
  • Be able to build rapport with anyone.
  • Control almost any situation.
  • Improving and using states of mind.
  • Catapult yourself to great success using the secrets of managing your emotional states.
  • Create useful states of mind, and use the best states of mind at the worst of times.
  • Break out of unwanted emotional states of mind at will.
  • Have your best resources available to you any time you need them, by developing your personal circle of excellence.

You will gain extensive knowledge of these subjects though the NLP Practitioner training course:

NLP Success, History, Levels, Principals, Setting Outcome, Presuppositions, the NLP Model of communication and focus, Cause and Effect, Sensory Acuity, Rapport, Representational Preferences, Eye Patterns, Submodalities, Swish Patterns, Language mastery, Persuasive Language, Meta Model, Anchoring, Handling States, Change, Milton Model, Behavior Psychology and stimulus, Strategy Elicitation, Chunking, Recipes for success, Forgiveness Process, Reframing, Parts integration, Pacing, Strategies: (love, logic, decision), Repatterning, Future Communication Needs, Definitions, Modeling, Resources for success, Outcome Training, Reason vs Results and Quantum Linguistics

Module 1

  • Learn how to use NLP to improve your life and others
  • NLP is experiential in nature
  • Help someone make changes, where they believe they instilled the change in themselves
  • Discover how Steve uses NLP in his own life to make changes
  • How to increase focus with NLP techniques
  • Establish goals you want to achieve with the program
  • Discover the meaning of the anagrams: HALT, WAR, and SHIP
  • Learn why will power is not enough

Module 2

  • See NLP in action with Steve and a student
  • Learn how to practice NLP techniques
  • Discover how to establish rapport
  • Learn how to use the powerful technique of a visual squash
  • Discover how to use a sub modality transfer
  • See and hear Steve demonstrate an auditory acuity test
  • Watch Steve demonstrate a visual acuity test
  • Discover the power of your senses

Module 3

  • Discover NLP as a body of information
  • Learn the importance of using NLP for good and with respect
  • Learn about eye-accessing cues
  • Find out HOW people are thinking
  • Find out if someone is lying to you
  • Learn the important 3 questions to calibrate a person’s representational system
  • Learn about the major representational systems
  • Discover predicates

Module 4

  • Discover how and why we use certain strategies
  • Learn what role our senses and representational systems play
  • Become more aware of decision making
  • Become more aware of subconscious thoughts
  • Learn how people relate
  • Perform an exercise that helps you tap into your representational system
  • Learn to tune into your senses to enhance your experience

Module 5

  • Learn the power of metaphor
  • Learn to use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses in metaphors
  • Discover sub modalities and how you store information
  • Steve walks you through a sub modality exercise
  • Learn the “Circle of Excellence”
  • Steve uses real world examples to help make sense of NLP techniques
  • Learn to answer the question, “What?”

Module 6

  • Discover the foundation of NLP
  • Learn the 10 presuppositions
  • Realize that people always make the ‘best’ choice
  • Every behavior has a use
  • Learn how to instill change in clients
  • Steve performs a hypnosis session to accelerate change

Module 7

  • Learn the meta-model
  • Steve teaches the “Now” exercise
  • Learn the importance of developing a plan
  • Discover the power of anchors
  • Learn how to anchor emotions in people
  • Learn the NLP technique of nominalization
  • Learn how to install an anchor
  • Steve talks about VAKOG

Module 8

  • Learn how to chain anchors
  • Discover how to help people overcome fears with anchoring
  • Learn the technique “Changing personal history”
  • Discover the “Lie/truth exercise”
  • How to give new meaning to a memory
  • Learn to create something that never even existed
  • Learn Steve’s technique: The Superhero technique
  • Discover the importance of creating your own techniques

Module 9

  • Learn to help people eliminate their fears with the movie theater technique
  • The importance of anchoring safety
  • Learn the visual squash technique with regression to help people stop smoking
  • Discover the power of the swish pattern
  • Learn multiple types of swish patterns and how to use them
  • Learn to anchor others to you to have certain attributes

Module 10

  • Discover the benefits of the Godiva chocolate pattern
  • Use the ‘new behavior generator’ to create new behaviors
  • Learn the handshake instant induction
  • Discover the benefits of pattern interrupt
  • How to perform an intervention on someone
  • Discover the power of advertising as a NLP practitioner 

Online NLP certification training €875.00

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